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They say “a picture speaks a thousand words” but in a world saturated with thousands of images, having striking Architectural Photography to showcase your work has become even more important to tell your unique story. RH.Photographix can help you with this…

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Photo of founder and architectural photographer, Reinier Harmse. He is responsible for ll of the photography.

Where it all started

Whilst studying Architecture at Tshwane University of Technology (2008 – 2011), founder Reinier Harmse discovered photography and the use there-of within architecture as a means of creative expression. This subsequently lead to Reinier establishing RH.Photographix in 2009. It became a way of exploring his own creativity (whilst doubling as a means of income during student years)

After graduating from architecture school, he joined a residential architectural firm and subsequently an industrial architecture firm where he continues to hone his skills in the design and documentation of architecture. All whilst still pursuing photography in his free time.

It was during the initial employment period that he merged his two passions: Architecture and Photography. He put this to good use by providing architectural photography services to Architects, Designers, Construction companies and realtors who saw the need to showcase their projects in the best possible light (get it…?) Since then, RH.Photographix has worked on multiple projects ranging from residential and interiors to commercial and industrial. Visiting the portfolio section of the site is a must as it contains striking architectural photography. Reinier continues to expand not only his skills but also his geographical reach as he looks to push his architectural photography into the rest of South Africa as well as the international architecture photography market.


You can also call it the photography philosophy

Working almost exclusively with natural light (with the exception of artificial lights that form part of the actual built projects), Reinier places high emphasis on square / straight compositions that offers straight lines (both vertically and horizontally) and atmosphere.

As architects and designers this often leads to some of the most satisfying views as it turns our initial 2 dimensional sketches and elevations into images containing depth, texture and intrigue.

By combining this with more dynamic two-point perspective / skew views, it ultimately creates a more comprehensive picture (ugh..all these puns) of the project.

The final result is imagery that is striking and bold. Imagery perfect for social media, billboards, in portfolios and any form of marketing material that you might have in mind.

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Our photos are published regularly

As with everything else, the proofs (that was the last one! I promise) is in the proverbial pudding. RHPX is no stranger here and has a couple of reasons to boast.

Photos taken by RH.Photographix grace both the inners and covers of some of South Africa’s leading industry related magazines regularly. Similarly it also features on international architectural platforms and within media statements.


So you like what you’ve read thus far and wondering what is the next step?
How about you Explore our portfolios to get a sense of our style and approach. Then, please, make contact to discuss your project ideas and details.

RH.Photographix understands that each project differs in size, scale, complexity, not to mention its setting, and final deliverables. Therefor each enquiry is approached with the intention of tailoring it to your needs. You can also view some of our most recent work on our social media platforms! RHPX is particularly active on Instagram so head over to RH.Photographix and join the rest of our followers.


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