Atlas Road – Office Interior

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The Birdroom Boardroom & Offices

An Interior architecture and design photography project

Client:Gottsmann Architects
Architect:Gottsmann Architects
Project Type:Interior Architecture photography
Project Location:Boksburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
Project Year:2016
PhotographerReinier Harmse

The Project Summary

a breakdown of the interior photography project

Birdroom Boardroom & Offices, an interior photography project of “The Atlas office”. It’s a design originating from the drawing board of Architects, and in this case interior designers, Gottsmann Architects team: Reinier Harmse & Donovan Gottsmann.

So what exactly is the Birdroom Boardhouse you might ask? Well, firstly it is a boutique office located in Clearwater Office Park, Kempton Park, Gauteng. Furthermore, The “birdhouse” is what the central boardroom dividing the two flanks of offices was given. A play on the pronunciation of the word boardroom. Attention is also drawn to the two large custom Timber and glass sliding doors framing the central space. The doors consisting of a random overlapping timber pattern most importantly serve as privacy screens whilst still allowing a visual connection to the office entrance.

As an interior photography project, the brief from the client revolved chiefly around the boardroom and the sliding doors. The reason for this being that this is the focal design elements of the entire office space. With this in mind, RH.Photographix set out to ensure that these elements are visible in majortiy of the photographs (if not all of them).

Moreover, seeing as the offices are in use during the day, the photography took place after normal business hours. This worked in favour of the project, as the striking white and bright offices (increased by the fluorescent lighting) stood in contrast with the dark textured walls and elements of the boardroom.

Although this interior photography project is rather small compared to other projects, it still posed its own unique challenges. As can be seen, the client brief was ticked thanks to visually striking images that showcases the reason for the project.

The Final Word

As if you need to read any more…

This project, overall, clearly left a mark on some seeing as the project, along with its images has been published by the online magazine: African Design Magazine.

Located on page 45 of the publication, the project is just one of many exciting and innovative designs but notably received the title: “An Emphasis on materiality”. This is attributed to the use of shutter-ply which is used to create both the boardroom as well as the doors.

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Extract from Joomag of the birdroom boardroom and office interior photography project

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