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Bidvest Head Office

Architects:Empowered Spaces Architects
Project Type:Industrial & Office Architecture
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Project Year:2018
Photographer:Reinier Harmse

Project overview:

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa is the Bidvest Head Office project, an industrial project designed by Empowered Spaces Architects. It comprises of a new office space along with various other additions to an existing industrial space.

Empowered Spaces Architects is well known in the industry for their work in the commercial and industrial architecture sector. The architectural photoshoot include exterior and interior photos.

The existing building is quite dated, however the new office section modernises the building thanks to the contemporary modern style design. 3 white blocks defines the exterior façade of the building. The corner block includes full height windows whilst the other two has a pattern of alternating glass and plastered grey walls. Central on the façade is a full height glass section with steel beams that accentuate the entrance. The white and grey colour scheme adds to the contemporary feel.

The entrance foyer is light and spacious, with a stair lobby behind a signage wall. The stair lobby of the building features a custom designed concrete and steel staircase. The meeting spaces, boardrooms and staff pause areas all surround this central space. Also accessed via this node is other amenities like the bathrooms and the canteen.

The interior of the building uses vibrant colours to differentiate between spaces. Thanks to amount of glass on the outer façade, ample amounts of light stream into the interior. The interior spaces feel even bigger thanks to high open ceilings that are painted white throughout the building. These aspects along with the internal lighting design also make the photography easier.

The dramatic Johannesburg sunset sky creates the perfect backdrop for the building. The backdrop of smooth flowing clouds, adds warmth and texture to the sky and as a result creates a contrast with the simplicity of the building.