Back yard view of the Helderfontein Homestead Architectural Photography Project Residential

Helderfontein Homestead

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Helderfontein Homestead

A residential and interior architecture project

Client:Skyfall Construction
Project Type:Residential Architecture Photography
Project Location:Helderfontein Country Estate, Dainfern, Johannesburg, South Africa
Project Year:2017
PhotographerReinier Harmse

The Project Summary

a breakdown of the architectural photography

In late 2016, Skyfall Construction commissioned the Helderfontein Homestead photography project as part of a process to update their website, their portfolio and to essentially show off their workmanship & what they can do.

The project is located within the Helderfontein Residential estate which borders the newly established Steyn City Residential estate in Dainfern, Johannesburg.

RH.Photographix has over the last few years worked on a number of projects with Skyfall Construction, providing them with architectural photography for both interior & exterior spaces.

The brief for the photo shoot was simple: “photograph the best of the house”.

The photography of the Helderfontein homestead took place over two distinct time periods, mid-afternoon & early dusk. The reason being that these two times would show off two similar yet opposing attributes of the house.

The Mid-Afternoon photography shows off the natural lighting of the house, or rather, the allowance therefor. Large windows, doors & clerestory windows allow for ample amounts of natural light to fall into the house. This light then filters into adjoining spaces. The patio runs the entire length of the kitchen, dining, and lounge. It thus screens the living spaces from direct afternoon light. However passive light is still able to reach these spaces through a double volume above the dining room.

During sunset at early dusk,  the house transforms. Natural light makes way for artificial lighting which radiates from the house for multiple places. This is when the house truly comes alive and the photos serve as proof of this. The lighting is perfectly balanced, allowing for well-lit comfortable rooms without being overly bright. Strategically placed external lights provide just the right amount of ambient light for the entertainment spaces whilst also ensuring that the building facade isn’t cast in darkness.

It ultimately combines to create a beautiful home both during the day and at night.

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