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Serengeti Long House

Located within the the upmarket residential estate in Johannesburg, Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate, The Serengeti Long House derives its name from its main facade.
This street facing facade creates the primary focusing point of this shoot. It offers a variety possible angles and views to show of the length and Contemporary design of the House.


The shoot was commissioned by Owner and Architect in order to update their respective built portfolios. Additionally it was intended to provide the owner with marketing material to advertise and sell the home on various Real-estate platforms

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The client wanted show the ample amounts of space and light that makes up the interior of the home. With the house being unfurnished, the interior photography focuses on the design elements. This includes areas such as the Kitchen counter, the ensuite bathrooms and the use of steel and wood throughout the house.

One particular design element really catches the eye. A small atrium with skylight above allows natural light to spill into the heart of the home. Positioned between what will eventually be the Dining room and study, the natural planting within this space creates beauty and texture were a person would usually not expect to find it.

This upmarket house is part of a collection of homes that we are photographing for the Owner. Other projects include real-estate photography within the Johannesburg area. It is also part of a series of Architectural photoshoots done for the Architect.

Planting, in combination with the stone cladding, finishes the main facade of the house. Without this the elevation the front facade would have been more challenging to photograph. Instead it draws focus to the house and provides for some beautiful photography opportunities.

In conclusion: This Long contemporary home, with its floating roof and clerestorey windows, create a dramatic yet subtle impact. It provided some beautiful architeyral photos and perspectives and is defnitely one we are proud to showcase.

Serengeti Long House