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Melrose Residential Units – Parks on Jameson

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Parks on Jameson

A residential architecture photography project

Client:W Design Architecture Studio
Architect: W Design Architecture Studio
Project Type:Multi-Residential Architecture Photography, Interior Photography
Project Location:Melrose, Johannesburg, South Africa
Project Year:2019
PhotographerReinier Harmse

The Project Summary

a breakdown of the architectural photography

Located in the heart of Melrose, Johannesburg stands a multi residential development also known as “Parks on Jameson”. The Melrose Residential Units is firstly an Architectural project designed by Award wining architects W Design Architecture Studio. As a result of some photos that WDAS came across on on instagram, they appointed RH.Photographix for the architectural photography. WDAS particularly liked the photographic approach that Reinier uses throughout his Architectural photography.

The development firstly consists of 18 double storey units that makes use of a variety of materials and textures. Furthermore, these homes has been designed on multiple levels and spaced to allow for natural northern light to fall into the homes.

The brief from the client required included a few things that was important to consider within the photography such as:

  • Straight lines – both vertical and horizontal.
  • ‘Square’ or straight compositions rather than ‘angled’ or skew views.
  • Thirdly, the communication of the connection between the inside and the outside.
  • The Light quality of the photos.
  • Texture.
  • Surrounds / context (in other words landscape).

With the client needs matching the style of architectural photography done by Reinier, the results in this case came naturally. The contemporary and modern design of the Melrose residential units with its straight lines led to some markedly great images. Although the tight spaces did pose some initial concerns, the use of wide angle lenses helped overcome this.

This project perfectly illustrates how important it is to understand and allow for natural light to fall into a development, especially from the onset of an architectural design. The Architects did a great job of putting this into practice which, as can be seen, led to beautifully lit and atmospheric spaces. This ultimately made the job of RH.Photographix so much easier.

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