perspective view overlooking pool and lounge of Residential architecture photography project in Waterfall Country Village Residential

Waterfall Country Village Residence 2944

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WCV Residence #2944

A residential and product focused photoshoot

Project Type:Residential Architecture Photography, Product Focused Photography
Project Location:Waterfall Country Village, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Project Year:2019
PhotographerReinier Harmse

The Project Summary

a breakdown of the architectural photography

A project commissioned by Eva-last, a composite decking company and manufacturer, as part of their regular updates to their portfolio. The project is located within the upmarket Johannesburg residential estate, Waterfall Country Village.

The project is focussed around the outside entertainment area of the house where the products of Eva-Last is used. It is included within different architectural elements such as the Deck around the pool, the sliding screens and the pergola over a section of the deck. Elsewhere the product is also applied in the garden fencing and as a cladding material to plumbing ducts to conceal the service ducts.

The location of the project allows for scenic photographs seeing as the erf is located beside the lake that is within the estate. It also has more sunlight falling in on the residence as it is located on a corner property.

The brief from the client for the project is that the photography has to show their product where it has been incorporated within the overall architectural design of the home. The product that has been used is not only designed to be durable and environmentally friendly, but also to be beautiful.

The idea of the shoot is to include the product in all of the photos taken while still showing the overall architectural design of the house. The product and house is photographed from various angles so that the product is highlighted from various views.

To end of with, the project has led to some beautiful photographs that has subsequently appeared within some market leading magazines as well as appearing on the back cover of SA Homeowner.

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