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Architectural Photography Process

Essentially, how we work, what we do, what you can expect… all explained!

So you need some convincing… or maybe you just want to find out about how it all works (lets go with the latter). Well, you’ve come to the right place! Outlined below are 7 steps. These are the steps that RH.Photographix follow during every photography project to ensure that it comes to a successful completion. This process might be altered for client specific needs, however historically these steps are the primary steps needed to finish the Architectural photography process.


Step 1 in the architectural photography process by RH.Photographix

Make Contact

Probably the most important and obvious step in the process.

If you want architectural photography done of your project you have to tell us. The best way is to send an email including as much information possible about the project.
A few of the most important things that you’ll want to include is:

Project Type:

What type of project is it?
Is it Residential Photography, Commercial Photography, Industrial Photography, Interior Photography, Product Photography or Something else not listed here.


Where is the project located?
This is to establish what type of travel arrangements, if any, would need to be made.


When do you need the photography done?
As with everything else, good things take time, so to ensure completion within the required timeframe, we need to know when you’ll need the final photos done


Invoicing & Payment

This step is all about the finances

After all of the details and required outcomes of the project is established, an invoice will be generated and sent through. In order to secure the booking a booking fee / deposit* needs to be paid.

*It is important to note that the booking is only complete once the deposit has been paid and proof there-of has been received. If this step is not done the date and time slot will be considered open, allowing other clients the opportunity to book it.

Step 2 in the architectural photography process by RH.Photographix


Step 3 in the architectural photography process by RH.Photographix

The Photography

Up to now its been primarily admin and paper work. Now we get to the important things!

After the deposit has been received the final details (including the date, time and address) are then confirmed. I also go ahead with obtaining permission to get access to the site (Your help might be needed in doing this). If you own the property it is of course a lot easier.

The actual photography is next! I go out to site and spend time capturing the details and various angles of your project during varying light conditions.


First phase editing

The post-processing starts with some basic photo-editing

Our service incorporates two phases of editing.
The first part we call Basic editing.

Although we call it basic editing, there is nothing basic about it. After photographing your project, we go through all of the photos taken and make the necessary adjustments. These include light and colour corrections, cropping and straightening of photos as well as other tweaks to make the photos look their absolute best.

Step 4 in the architectural photography process by RH.Photographix


Step 5 in the architectural photography process by RH.Photographix

Image selection

You get to select the photos that you like the most!

Your opinion is important when it comes to the final photos! So now we listen to you.

To incorporate your “voice” into the process, contact sheets that contain all of the photos will be sent to you. You will then be able to select the photos you like the most. Subsequently, these photos will then be subjected to the next phase of editing.


Second phase editing

Now some serious editing is about to take place!

Next up is comprehensive editing of the selection of images from step 5 of the process.

With this editing stage, in order to make every photo look its absolute best every photo is analyzed after which the necessary adjustments are made. This could include the removal of unsightly items in the photos, adjusting the landscape and scene to suit the project outcomes. Ultimately I do everything necessary to deliver a striking final photo.

Step 6 in the architectural photography process by RH.Photographix


Step 7 in the architectural photography process by RH.Photographix

Hand-over and project close out

The last step. Just a bit of admin and we are ready to finish the architectural photography process!

After completing the final edits we are ready to hand over the photos.
The photos are exported in low, medium and high quality formats.

A final invoice and statement is generated in preparation for the project close-out. Final payment is made and we then send you a link to a google drive folder containing al of the photos. Alternatively it can also be loaded onto a usb if you prefer.


And there you have it. The architectural photography process is complete.

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