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House Vista is one of the first photoshoots undertaken by RHPX.
Equipped with only an entry level DSLR and tripod, the project is a great reminder of what can be accomplished with any gear (especially when the camera envy comes around and I want to go purchase new gear)

House Vista is a contemporary house located on a steep hill overlooking the Golf course and lake of Ebotse Golf & Country Estate.

Architects, Gottsmann Architects utilized the steepness of the site to design a contemporary home that has primary views towards the lake and the golf course below. These wide panoramic views inspired the project name, House Vista.

Glass and concrete are the main building materials, while timber elements create texture and warmth in the design.

The brief from the architects called to capture the tiered modern design, with all its cantilevers. Secondly, the architects wanted to showcase the house within its local context and the spectacular views it offer. Lastly, it was important to show how the house transitions from open to private through the use of the screens.

This project has been featured on the popular architecture blog: ArchDaily.
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