Midstream Home 15

Residential Architecture Photography

Midstream Home 15 is located within the greater Midstream estate development which comprises of 8 separate estates. Shopping centres, offices and a retirement village form part of this growing estate.

The project was commissioned by Louani Developments, a construction & development company with a passion for houses. Working within the Centurion & Midrand Area, their portfolio comprises of multiple residential projects both completed and in the conceptual phase.

RH.Photographix was approached to provide architectural photography of the newly completed project prior to owners moving in to showcase the house in its purest form without the distractions of furniture, art & other items. The photography had to be all about the house, the spaces and the finishes.

The house comprising of an open plan downstairs design, included a beautiful custom designed timber kitchen with rustic elements. 3 bedrooms upstairs with a guest bedroom downstairs rounded out the design. Furthermoere, the house makes use of alternative energy sources and includes a Tesla battery, a first for the construction company.

Photographing a house without furniture is no easy feat. Furniture adds scale whilst art and other elements give it personality. Having said this, interior design, like all other design, is subjective and photographing a house without its furnishings does offer prospective clients and buyers the opportunity to imagine the space through their own eyes, taste and imagination.

The Project offered multiple street side views along with private backyard photo opportunities and RH.Photographix set out to capture the house with this in mind.

Over and above the photography, RH.Photographix also assisted the client with a short video showcasing the highlights of the residence.

In conclusion, RH.Photographix is proud to include this project within the portfolio of photographic works and look forward to working with Louani Developments in future.

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